IKARUS wifi.security
IKARUS wifi.security
  • Branded: Personalize your Wi-Fi landing page
  • Trustworthy: All Data in EU (Austria)
  • Visible: Reports and statistics on web usage
  • Flexible: Variable number of licenses
IKARUS wifi.security
1 month free testing!

IKARUS wifi.security is compatible with all firewalls. Many setting options offer professional security and interesting options to configure your network: Block unwanted contents by URLs or categories, add black and white lists, define different network areas, set up various administrative authorization levels, create user profiles and time-based access controls, limit downloads per session and use landing and block response pages for your information and advertising purposes.

  • Virus protection for web protocols
  • One centralized Web-Administration (for all IKARUS products)
  • Personalised landing- & block-response pages
Easy to deploy - easy to use

No hardware invest is necessary and IKARUS wifi.security is easy to set up. Protect all your clients and devices of your guests in the Wi-Fi with a single GRE tunnel from your router to the Cloud.

Protect your customers

You want to ensure a great experience for guests, which includes fast Wi-Fi access. You don’t want your guests identities or information stolen when connecting to a malicious site from your network. Secure your offered connection with IKARUS wifi.security.

Define your own rules

Having an open Wi-Fi for everybody can attract people who try to use this for misuse. IKARUS wifi.security provides specified landing pages a user has to accept before connecting to the internet. The usage of the connection is then limited to your definition.

Protect the Wi-Fi from the increasing threats of malware

secure your network before the threat has even reached the client. IKARUS wifi.security Attachment-filter and virus-filter block malicious files before they even reach the company Wi-Fi.

How to use IKARUS wifi.security

Order IKARUS wifi.security in the A1 Digital Marketplace and you will receive your access data by e-mail.


Follow the instructions within the A1 Digital Marketplace Administration.


Manage the service in the IKARUS Admin Console.

Frequently Asked Questions
All routers that control GRE and/or WCCP are supported. MikroTik, OpenWRT, Cisco, FortiGate and some Linux/iptables based routers were tested.
Usually, all ports can be routed to the GRE tunnel. If the Wi-Fi network has been secured through a landing page, all ports will be activated after the landing page has been accepted. If services are always available, you can define them as exceptions without the GRE tunnel.

For questions regarding this product, please contact us by telephone on:

 0800 0800 039

For further queries please feel free to contact us via mail

  • Internet access
  • Router with GRE/WCCP function
  • Static IP adress of the router

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