IKARUS web.security
IKARUS web.security
  • Integrable: Easy deployment into existing enterprise networks
  • Trustworthy: All Data in EU (Austria)
  • Visible: Reports and statistics on web usage
  • Flexible: Variable number of licenses
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Personalize IKARUS web.security using different access control lists and filtering options for viruses, URLs, file types, countries, continents or browsers. Define black- and whitelists, or block specific file extensions.

  • Effective protection against threats throughout the internet
  • One centralized Web-Administration (for all IKARUS products)
  • Reliable blocking of URLs with our extensive URL category list
Regular updates
Protect your company from threats

IFthe website is legitimate, hackers can get access and place malware and unprotected users get infected only by opening the website. IKARUS web.security offers Anti-virus protection for web protocols HTTP, FTP over HTTP and FTP.

Increase your productivity

IKARUS web.security offers easy to deploy and manage security. Able to block individual selected websites or selected categories of websites (for example social media, XXX, torrent download sites).

Protect the network from the increasing threats of malware

IKARUS web.security Attachment-filter and virus-filter block malicious files before they even reach the company network.

Easy to deploy - easy to use

No hardware invest is necessary. All you have to do to use IKARUS web.security is to enter the proxy in the browser under Settings.

How to use IKARUS web.security

Order IKARUS web.security in the A1 Digital Marketplace and receive your access data by e-mail


Follow the instructions within the A1Digital Marketplace Administration


Manage the service in the IKARUS Admin Console

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, this can be done easily. A website entered in the Whitelist will not be blocked even if it belongs to a locked category.
Yes, with certain preconditions. The creation of more sets is possible as long as the authentification is done via username and password so that the IKARUS web.security can differentiate between end-users. Alternatively, different settings can be distinguished through different external IPs, which are used to route your clients outside via NAT.
Just enable a proxy in your browser under “settings”. The server address is „proxy.mymailwall.com" and the port is "8080".

For questions regarding this product, please contact us by telephone on:

 0800 0800 039

For further queries please feel free to contact us via mail

  • Internet Access
  • static IP-Adress (it is possible to use a username and password instead)

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