IKARUS mobile.management
IKARUS mobile.management
  • Independent: Supports all platforms
  • Trustworthy: All Data in EU (Austria)
  • Safe: Notification if specifications are violated
  • Flexible: Variable number of licenses
IKARUS mobile.management
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Manage all your mobile devices in one system and benefit from extended configurations for Samsung and iOS devices.

  • One inventory and management for all your mobile devices
  • Enrolment, update and deletion of applications
  • One centralized Web-Administration for all IKARUS products
Increase your productivity

Don‘t waste time and money any more on manually configuration of your mobile devices. IKARUS mobile.management implements your Security policies to your mobile environment and manages your business apps.

Obey the GDPR of the EU

Companies have to guarantee a separation between private and company content - also for mobile devices. Mobile.management is developed in accordance with European data protection regulations and rules on conduct of business.

European Product

The system is developed by a European team with European focus. Cloud systems are hosted in Europe where data privacy law is important. The source code of the product is audited by an external security company and certified by TÜV.

How to use IKARUS mobile.management:

Order IKARUS mobile.management in the A1 Digital Marketplace and receive your access data by e-mail


Follow the instructions within the A1 Digital Marketplace Administration


Manage the service in the IKARUS Admin Console

Frequently Asked Questions
Every user is assigned to a specific user identification which needs to be unique. This is defined in the field for E-Mail or User-ID. In case of an "double user entry" the ID or Email address could be already used in another client.
Every device can only be deposited once in the system. When creating a new device and accordingly the following rollout process, system data (phone number, serial number, IMEI, etc) is saved in the system. If one or more of this values is already existing, an accordingly error message will appear. Search for the "old entry" to delete or adjust it for the new rollout.
SMS: - Check if the correct number was selected. - If it's an android phone check if there is another MDM Client already installed. E-Mail: - Check if the correct email address has been selected. - Check which email address has been used. (Different users and devices are possible).

For questions regarding this product, please contact us by telephone on:

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For further queries please feel free to contact us via mail

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