IKARUS mail.security
IKARUS mail.security
  • Innovative: Multisandbox APT Protection
  • Trustworthy: All Data in EU (Austria)
  • Varied: Extensive featureset
  • Flexible: Variable number of licenses
IKARUS mail.security
IKARUS mail.security
1 month free testing!

IKARUS mail.security scans all emails for viruses and SPAM. Each E-Mail goes through numerous checks, and based upon the configuration safe E-Mail are delivered without noticeable delay.

  • Anti-SPAM features: Multi stage concept, user-specific, Black- and Whitelists...
  • One centralized Web-Administration (for all IKARUS products)
  • Optional: Advanced Persistent Threat Protection (APT Protection)
  • Support by A1 Service Team
IKARUS mail.security with APT Protection
1 month free testing!

Enhances the functionality of IKARUS mail.security to protect against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

  • Innovative multi-sandbox process with the technologies of market leaders FireEye and Palo Alto
  • E-mails are anonymously examined in the sandbox. All data remain within the EU (Austria). The sandboxes cannot send data to their manufacturer which is located e.g. in the USA
  • Best detection rate and maximum security for your e-mail traffic.
Save time with less spam

Spam can take up to 90 % of E-Mail traffic. With IKARUS mail.security the amount of time needed every day can be cut down, and customer saves money due to reduced unproductive time.

Protect the network

IKARUS mail.security includes also an attachment-filter and virus-filter to block malicious files before they even reach the company network.

Data security & privacy

You can block incoming traffic from your domain to ensure no forged E-Mail will reach your Server and you are protected against phishing attacks.

Regular updates
Extensive security with APT Protection

With the APT Protection Add-On the network is even secured from new outbreaks of viruses because of proactive virus detection of APT. This is possible because of the usage of multiple sandboxes to scan previously unsuspected files.

How to use IKARUS mail.security

Order IKARUS mail.security in the A1 Digital Marketplace and you will receive your access data by e-mail.


Follow the instructions within the A1 Digital Marketplace Administration.


Manage the service in the IKARUS Admin Console

Frequently Asked Questions
The abbreviation stands for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), or Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This is a sandbox environment that is used for additional testing of the files, which are not detected as a virus by IKARUS. The file is executed and the behaviour will be analysed by the APT, depending on this behaviour, it will be recognised as virus. This provides additional protection against new, unknown viruses or malware.
To use the IKARUS mail.security, you need to change the MX entry of your email domain to mx.mymailwall.at, and to submit the server IP (or dns name) of your email domain to IKARUS to complete the forwarding.
The status of received emails can be checked in the log messages. By using the interface to access the log file you can search for every email accepted by the mail.security system. If an email has been received, you will find the status of the email which can be delivered, delivery error, queuing, rejected or dropped. Delivered = email has been sent to the next server Delivery error = the delivery to the target server failed Queuing = the transfer to the next server is still pending Rejected = the email was rejected due to Spam / Virus / Attachment.   Emails can be resent directly from the log file. In addition, there are still emails which are already rejected by the system, which happens if the sender’s domain is not authorized by SPF (sender policy framework).

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