IKARUS anti.virus
IKARUS anti.virus
  • Reliable: Efficient virus scans
  • Latest: Automatic updates
  • Varried: Extensive feature set
  • Flexible: Variable number of licenses
IKARUS anti.virus

IKARUS anti.virus protects your personal data and your PC from all types of malware, as well as SPAM and malware emails.

  • Award-winning IKARUS scan.enginefor reliable detection
  • Regular updates
  • One centralized Web-Administration
Regular updates
Regular updates

IKARUS anti.virus has an automatic update. The program regularly checks whether a new update is available and installs it automatically.

Stability of the system and data security

Updates of the virus databases and the program are carried out automatically. You can also schedule regular scans to check the devices and files

Carefree operation

The simple operation and optimal default settings of the IKARUS anti.virus guarantee a smooth operation for your company

How to set up IKARUS anti.virus

Order IKARUS anti.virus in the A1 Marketplace and you will receive your access data by e-mail.


Download the IKARUS anti.virus installation package and install it on your computer.


For a successful installation of IKARUS anti.virus, enter your valid license ID

IKARUS protects your personal data
IKARUS anti.virus protects your personal data and your PC from all types of malware, as well as SPAM and malware emails. It detects new and existing threats of all kinds. The IKARUS scan.engine is among the best in the world.

Every week, over a million new malware samples are found. IKARUS anti.virus detects and deletes all kinds of malware from your computer. And that without any noticeable influence on the performance.
Frequently Asked Questions
If your device has been deactivated in the web interface, there is no protection against viruses and other threats. There is no continuous monitoring of data and accesses and virus scans cannot be performed. Deactivating a device via the web interface does not mean that the client software is uninstalled. The program and databases are still updated; and an inactive device can quickly be enabled again in order to offer full protection.
The web interface offers a quick overview over the update status and possible infections of your devices. It shows the status of the client license (and therefore protection of the device), the date of the last connection between the device and the web interface, the update status of program and databases as well as possible infections.
In order to verify whether the file is malware or a false positive, the IKARUS LAB needs to get the physical file. To forward it, right-click the quarantined file and select the “Send to IKARUS” item from the pop-up menu. If the file has inappropriately been moved to quarantine, it will automatically be restored. If desired, you will also receive an e-mail message with more details.

For questions regarding this product, please contact us by telephone on:

 0800 0800 039

For further queries please feel free to contact us via mail

  • Internet Connection
  • Hardware
  • • Processor from 2 GHz (Intel/AMD)
  • • 2 GB RAM
  • • Min. 500 MB free storage space
  • • Display resolution min. 1024 x 575
  • Operating Systems
  • • Windows 7 and higher (32/64 Bit)
  • • Windows Server 2008 and higher (32/64 Bit)
  • • Windows Embedded Versions (depending on the configuration)
  • • Microsoft Outlook 2007 and higher

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