Digital Processes

Whether you want to simplify approval processes or send out shipping notes online, we help you to optimize your processes and get rid of unnecessary paperwork. Easy, safe and transparent.

e-DoXs - Deliver your documents digitally

Receive and send documents like delivery notes and trace-translucents electronically to save time and costs - with our for austrian waste management developed document exchange platform e-DoXs.

  • Reduce margin for errors through automated detection and correction.
  • Shorten processing time of delivery notes and trace-translucents.
  • The completeness of all gathered data translates into transparency and enhanced data quality of your accounting.
  • Reduce CO¬≤ emissions by reducing paper consumption.
  • No Lock-in-Effect - interoperable with third party platforms.
  • Conformity with the law according to AbfallnachweisVO and AbfallbilanzVO.
Enterprise mobility - accelerated corporate processes

Reduce the complexity of your business processes by optimizing legacy applications and bringing them to mobile devices without disrupting ongoing processes.

  • Complete tasks on your smartphone within seconds - wherever you are.
  • All of your corporate processes gathered in a single app.
  • No coding, APIs or upgrades required.
  • Sovereignity of data remains in your hands.

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