We support you in connecting your ideas and solutions with each other! With many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of connected devices worldwide, we are the ideal partner on your way to digitalization.

Managed connectivity - the optimal connection for your IoT solution

We offer you premium connectivity in more than 130 countries - independent from the conditions.

  • Tailored tariff plans for your markets and requirements
  • Highly robust SIM cards and SIM chips for industrial manufacturing
  • A dedicated SIM management platform for total cost control and dozens of features
  • Highest security standards with private networks via VPN and MPLS
Connected products - your idea, our expertise

Do you have a business idea or product that needs to be connected? We accompany you from the conceptual design and production to delivery while also supporting you in your ongoing operations.

  • Workshops for brainstorming, product design and business model generation
  • From hardware development to serial production and authorisation
  • Software development for embedded systems, backend and frontend applications
  • System integration into your IT infrastructure
  • Ongoing product maintenance and product lifecycle management

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